Strategies for group control in University

Strategies for group control in University



Strategies for group control in University
Strategies for group control in University

University teaching

Being a university teacher, it could be a very good experience. University professors have advantages and disadvantages regarding this degree, on the one hand, we believe many times that when dealing with young adults, it should be easier, there should not be tantrums or complaints, it is assumed that in the university, The student has already left the stage of Adolescence and his level of maturity should be higher than in primary or secondary. But does it really happen like this? Rarely, it is true that at the University the same problems do not occur as in Primary and Secondary, but in return there are others that cause equal or greater stress.

5 Main Problems of University Students

What problems does a University Professor face? How to solve it?

Depression: It is always present in the classrooms of the University, the young person in this stage is leaving the Adolescence to enter a greater maturity, this supposes a true change at emotional level. In this phase of life, any event will bring about the exaggeration of the problem. The loss of a family member or friend, rejection in a job, fall in some disease and many other problems play against in college youth, resulting in depression.

Drug use: Years of experience in the education sector have led me to a conclusion regarding Why do University Students consume drugs? Basically for two primary reasons. The first is Availability and the second is Stress. As we saw in the previous section, depression is quite frequent in young university students, this in many cases leads to stress. Now Is it hard to get Drugs? The truth is that it is not difficult, it is rather very accessible. When I talk to students who have voluntarily confessed to me that at some point in their life they have used drugs, all agree that at that moment they were mentally ill, they were looking for a solution, and the drug seemed to be the best and accessible, becoming an easy way out

Shyness: Although it sounds little credible and something illogical, the young people of the University also suffer from Shyness. The shyness appears mainly because of the insecurity that the student has over himself, this can be noticed in interpersonal relationships. Some characteristics of shy students at the University are that they have communication difficulties and lack of confidence in them. You can notice it at the time of the debates, exhibitions and group work.

Loitering: Whoever says he has not had or does not have lazy students in class, is lying. In the University, students with a lot of desire to “Do Nothing” are very frequent, although the newly admitted, come with a lot of energy to class, in a few next cycles they start to get stressed and the student lazy begin to increase. It does not always happen that way, but in the vast majority yes.

Lack of Interests in Theoretical courses: Although surely they will not dare to tell you, but you have to know. A large part of the University students are not interested in the theoretical part of the classes, do you think they will be excited to know Journalism in so many previous years? No, they prefer to do journalism, and they want it! This example applies to students of Journalism or Communications, but in general the same pattern happens in all university careers. That’s why someone realized this and the Technical Races began to come out.

What is the Strategy to control a University group?

The title of this article talks about what strategy we can apply as University professors to control our group. But if I mentioned in the first instance the problems of university students, it is because basically the strategy that we must apply part of UNDERSTANDING the situations that our students face. If you as a teacher are able to understand the main causes of those problems that generate headaches, it will be much easier to establish the correct strategy to solve them. There is no single strategy, there are no secrets on this issue, all part of being able to analyze the problem closely and through our experience to establish specific strategies for each student and for each case.

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