Nourishing My Daughter’s Possibilities with Nesquik

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As a mom, I am always looking for ways to nourish her possibilities and help inspire my daughter to dream big. I always tell her she can grow up to be anything she wants, if she has a passion for it and is determined, she will achieve all of her dreams. Growing up, I had a group of very inspiring teachers who always taught us that it did not matter where we came from, all that mattered were our dreams and how hard we would work to accomplish them.

Like many little girls, Naty loves playing with her dolls, playing teacher with her little cousin Eliana, building blanket forts and running her own restaurant. Her imagination amazes me, sometimes I stop what I’m doing and listen to her when she’s playing with her dolls or in one of her roles as teacher and I can’t help but join in her imaginary world. But her passion is all things cowgirl, she loves wearing her boots any day! When I can I grab the camera and capture moments like this that make motherhood amazing!

And although we don’t live on a ranch, she is fascinated by horses and outdoor activities. When visiting family who actually do live out in the country, she pretends to be a real-life cowgirl. My grandfather always said, “Do what you want, but whatever it is you choose to do, be the best at it.” I feel as if Naty is on her way to being an amazing cowgirl! As parents, our job is to encourage and nourish our childrens’s possibilities, and the best way to do that is with a balanced breakfast.

Nesquik Chocolate milk has been a favorite for me since I was a child, so I have never thought twice about giving it to Naty, whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or as a sweet snack. Nesquik provides 7 essential vitamins and minerals, 45% less sugar than the leading syrup brand and has no artificial colors and flavors. Only the best for my future cowgirl!

What I love about Nesquik is that Naty can have it on-the-go like these Nesquik 8oz ready to drink bottles or in powder form, which makes a great way to incorporate in different breakfast recipes, (check out these Nesquik recipes). Either way you choose to serve this yummy chocolatey goodness to your child, they will be getting all the vitamins and mineral they need to grow and develop their amazing skills in whatever they choose to be.

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A little more on Nesquik nutritious beverage, which you can easily find at Walmart.

Nesquik Chocolate Milk (ready to drink):
• Nestlé Nesquik® Chocolate Low Fat Milk is made with 100% real milk and has 8g of protein in every 8 fluid ounce serving.
• Nestlé Nesquik® Chocolate Low Fat Milk is a great drink to give your kids after they have an intense game or practice to help nourish those exhausted muscles.
• Did you know, research suggests that low-fat chocolate milk, like Nesquik®, may contain the ideal 3:1 mix of carbs and protein to help refuel and restore exhausted muscles?
• With 40% of your kids’ Daily Value of Calcium and 12% Daily Value of Potassium, this is the postgame snack that bring the nutrition and the fun!
• Nesquik Chocolate Milk proudly contains no artificial colors or sweeteners.
• And, because Nesquik® is specially packaged you can store it in your pantry. So feel free to stock up but don’t forget to refrigerate after opening.

So whether my little one has big dreams of becoming a teacher, dancer, cowgirl or doctor I will be by her side cheering her on. I will continue nourishing her possibilities as much as I can with Nesquik, which has been nourishing little minds to dream big for over 60 years. Naty is the future, and today her future starts with Nesquik, I’m sure she will accomplish all dreams and goals she sets in her life.

For more Nesquik make sure to follow them on Facebook, Nesquik Website, and Pinterest for their yummy recipes.

How do you nourish your little ones possibilities?

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