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Should Pregnant Students Stay in Schools?

Should Pregnant Students Stay in Schools?


Should Pregnant Students Stay in Schools?
Should Pregnant Students Stay in Schools?

Should Pregnant Students Stay in Schools? Yes, years of experience have helped me to develop sensitivity, empathy and, most importantly, the value of Solidarity and respect.

Why Should Pregnant Students Stay in Schools?

Because they deserve to be respected and tolerated, Yes gentlemen. Knowing how to respect is what makes us great as professionals, respecting has nothing to do with agreeing, rather it means not pretending to hurt the other person, why should I exclude a pregnant girl from my class? Why should I underestimate it? o Why should I send you to do individual jobs, when you can do them in a group like all the others? There is no valid reason to exclude a pregnant student, let alone pretend to take away a vacancy under the silly excuse: You got pregnant, you can not study!

Young women who get pregnant at a young age. Should they continue studying? Can they be prohibited from entering the Schools? The Government has manifested? Is there any law regarding Early Pregnancy? What should we do as teachers?

Young women who get pregnant at a young age. Should they continue studying? Can they be prohibited from entering the Schools? The Government has manifested? Is there any law regarding Early Pregnancy? What should we do as teachers?

Should Pregnant Students Stay in Schools?

I am Renzo Mendez, I have been teaching for 12 years in different grades, from Preschool to University.

During my years of work in different Institutions, the theme of Pregnancy at an Early Age has always been present. I have seen 15-year-old pregnant girls, with a terrible desire to commit suicide, students with a great fear of rejection, fear of “What they will say” of their classmates. Girls who sadly abandoned their studies, their dreams, their goals and their goals. Girls who cried out to be accepted, but all they got were rejections. Sorry but true.

Questions to reflect:

-As teachers can we help?

-In what way can a Teacher or Teacher help a pregnant student?

Pregnancy at an early age

Early pregnancy is a very serious problem for these ladies, I mean a physical problem, can a 15-year-old girl be prepared to conceive ?. GuiaInfantil de Vilma Medina (Director of the Web), woman whom I admire and respect, for the great Initiative and contribution that it offers to parents and teachers in Latin America, has an article where it informs about the consequences of pregnancy in Adolescence, I leave Following a brief summary, to understand the magnitude of the matter.

Poor Nutrition: Lack of essential nutrients, which provide a proper development to the baby conceived.
Spontaneous abortions
The baby is more likely to be born with malformations.
Spontaneous advancement of childbirth.

The conclusion we can get after reading this article, is one. Pregnant teenagers are not ready to be mothers. But the problem does not end here, there are also psychological consequences that make this issue a bigger problem.

Then the matter would be less like this:

Pregnancy at Early Age = Physical Problems + Psychological Complications = Desires to commit suicide.

Looking at it from this point, it seems more coherent to understand why so many girls who get pregnant end up leaving school and moving away from their social environment.

Role of the Teacher – Pregnant Students in Schools!

We have raised two issues that pregnant students face: physical problems and psychological problems, it is clear that we can not do anything about biological factors. But we can do a lot in the psychological aspect. How?

Years of experience have helped me to draw my own conclusions, I share some actions that I apply in my classroom to try to alleviate the psychological problems of these young ladies. And if I can not contribute, I do not make the situation worse.

1. Include Pregnant Students:

To avoid that they disintegrate from the group of studies, the worst thing that can be done to a pregnant lady is to abandon her, make her feel in company, motivate her not to want to flee and leave school, with this act we are not applauding this fact, which We do is respect the other person and not hurt him. Social exclusion is a problem that brings so many other psychological problems, we must always avoid it.

2. Instill respect towards pregnant students

With the example, I always demand respect towards these ladies, nothing of “Panzona” “Gorda” “Prematura”, or words that damage the self-esteem of this young woman. Always giving the example as a teacher.

3. Make some preferences, as long as the situation warrants it

Learn to be tolerant, learn to be equitable rather than egalitarian, why not give permission to a pregnant girl if you have dizziness and want to go home? That is to be fair and tolerant, to understand the other person, denying a permit in this situation has no benefit over anyone. If we can help someone without harming others, then let’s do it often.


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