Green Detox Juice : Day 1

Green Detox Juice

Howdy! So we are now on our second week of 2016, it’s finally time to get started on all those resolutions and goals we planned at the end of 2015. Have you started?

I meant to have this post up yesterday (Monday), but as it was my first day, first time ever detoxing by body, I really felt terrible. I started off great in the morning as I always do as soon as I wake up is drink some water, about 16oz., then around 7am I sipped on some warm lemon tea. Then I made this Green Juice, which I will be sharing the recipe below. I haven’t had any green juice in a while, and when I had this juice for breakfast and lunch, it really tasted great!

In between each juice I tried to drink some more water, but the juice really filled me up so much I wasn’t even thirsty. By the time Naty came home from school (3pm), I started feeling weak, dizzy, with a slight headache. I had no energy whatsoever. It was pretty hard to even get dinner prepared, good thing I only had my daughter to care for, as my husband is working out of town this week.

By the end of the night I was doubting if I could go on, I still had two more days…good thing I didn’t commit to a week long detox (yikes!). As I was washing the dishes, I noticed my daughter left a bit of chicken soup on her plate… hardest battle ever lol! I thought if I eat now, then all I’ve done all day will go to waste. But I was so hungry I decided a grapefruit would do no harm, worst decision… I was better off just going to bed! The smell of the grapefruit triggered this nauseating feeling, like the urge to vomit. Now I was really re-thinking if this detox was for me…


After a little research, I found these symptoms are normal! My body resetting, and toxins are being released. This morning I woke up not as hungry as last night, I’m feeling good and ready for my juice! I will be sharing today’s (Tuesday) Beet Juice tomorrow. For now, here is my super Green Detox Juice to help start you off this 2016 with a bang.


Half a pineapple (about 2 cups)

2 cucumbers

3 stalks of celery

3 apples

bunch of spinah (2 cups)

1 cactus

2 peeled lemons


First wash all fruits and veggies. Make sure you remove the spines from cactus. Depending on your juicer, cut up all fruits and vegies into chunks.

Add all fruit and veggies into juicer. I like to start off with the bigger pieces first like cucumber, spinach, celery, pineapple, apples and lemons.

Refrigerate and serve. This recipes makes about 4-5 glasses of pure green goodness juice.
Green Detox Juice

If you decide to start a juice detox make sure you drink water in between each juice meal. I like to use my weight, divides by 2, that’s how much water my body needs.

Drink away!

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