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10 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives #FormulaForHappiness #HappyGerberBaby

Hard to believe my little baby is now six years old, seems like yesterday I was walking out from the hospital with her in my arms. The first few nights, weeks, months were stressful. As a first time mom, I knew absolutely nothing about the tiny little lady I had birthed. After breastfeeding didn’t go as planned, and trying almost every infant formula out there, Gerber® Good Start® Infant Formula helped get us through the first year and on to the baby food she loved so much. Stage 1 Gerber® Good Start® Infant Formula proteins are not harsh on the baby’s stomach, letting the baby be comfortable and happy, and a happy baby = happy family! Get you $6 off coupon HERE.

Shopping at Kroger is very convenient for me from stocking up on the latest grocery and household deals to shopping for the baby. This was the place I stopped by on my way after work for diapers, groceries, bill payments and formula. Which is why I created this list with my top 10 things to do before the baby arrives, some of which I wish I knew about while pregnant. Now a few years have passed, I’m a little wiser and have seen a few new nephews and nieces I think I’m ready enough to know what to do the next time I have a little bun in the oven.


10 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives

Wash and fold all baby clothes, put them away neatly and organize by size. Don’t forget about the baby bibs, receiving blankets, and washcloths.

Sanitize baby bottles and nipples if you will be formula feeding. Do the same with pumping supplies if breastfeeding.

Clean, sanitize and dust off all toys, bouncers, swing.

Buy a baby memory book, you’ll be surprised how quickly babies grow.

Have you bought and installed the car seat? If you need help stop by any fire station, they’ll be glad to help.

Put the crib together, with clean bedding and with as few items in it, providing a safe crib for baby.

Pack you hospital bag with essentials only. You probably won’t need 5 baby outfits.

Stock up baby’s medicine cabinet. You will need diaper rash ointment more than you think, along with a baby thermometer.

Don’t forget the diapers and wipes! You’ll need tons of those. Baby formula too, after much trial and error I can say that Stage 1 Gerber® Good Start® Infant Formula is the best for formula fed babies.

After you’ve done all this, just relax the baby will get her. Now just go get some sleep, you’ll wish you did!

What tips would you like to share Before the Baby Arrives? Share below or snap a picture of your baby with their favorite Gerber® Good Start® Infant Formula using #FormulaForHappiness #HappyGerberBaby

Don’t forget to print your $6 off coupon for Stage 1 Gerber® Good Start® Infant Formula (22.2oz or larger) at Kroger or Target Store.

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